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Judges Competency Framework

The Kennel Club's Judges Competency Frame (JCF) commenced with a 'Pilot', scheme during 2018, when 14 breeds took part in a trial. Border Collies were part of that 'Pilot' scheme and, as a result, some judges have already pressed under the new system.

The JCF requires that all judges obtain a licence that is renewable on an annual basis and that judges record all of their education, training and appointments on a centralised computer system. This system is scheduled to 'go live' in the 2nd half of 2019. Once a judge has uploaded their personal information to the 'online' systems, Secretaries ans Societies will be able to use the Kennel Club's 'Find A Judge' web site to identify judges, qualified at the appropriate level and currently 'active'.

A summary of the requirements for judges to progress under the JCF can be found under 'Judges Competency Framework'.

Judges' Lists - Approved

Judges' Lists - Approved

The East Anglian Border Collie Club maintains lists of Judges who meet the various criteria. These lists start with the 'C List', which contain the names of those judges who meet the C List criteria and may judge 3 classes of Border Collies (4 classes if one of those classes is 'Puppy'). The 'B List' contains the names of those judges who meet the B List criteria and my judge an unlimited number of classes of Border Collies at Limited, Open and Championship Shows (without Challenge Certificates). Finally, there are 3 Sub-Lists call A1, A2 and A3. These lists contain the names of judges who already award Challenge Certificates, judges who are approved by the Kennel Club to award Challenge Certificates (but have not yet done so) and judges who meet all of the criteria for awarding Challenge Certificates but have not yet been approved by the Kennel Club to do so.

The introduction of the JCF will, effectively, make Breed Club Judges' Lists redundant. C Lists will become redundant from 31st December 2019 was all judges at this level will need to meet the basic requirements of the JCF and will need to have an appropriate licence. During the transition period judges may accept appointments, using their qualification under the existing system, to accept appointments to judge. However, from 1st January 2022 all judges will need to hold an appropriate licence and will only qualify to accept a judging appointment based on the qualification under the JCF

The various lists of approved judges can be found at 'Judges' Lists - Approved'.

Judges' Lists - Criteria

For each level, within the existing system of Judges' Lists, the East Anglian Border Collie Club has set out specific criteria that a judge must attain before their name can be considered for inclusion on one of these lists. The Kennel Club have defined the minimum number of dogs that must have been judged before their Judges Committee will consider approving a judge to award Challenge Certificates. In general, the East Anglian Border Collie Club seeks to maintain their criteria in line with those defined by the Kennel Club (for A1, A2 and A3 lists). The Kennel Club recommends that the required number of dogs having been judged for inclusion on a B List be set at approximately one-third of the figure required in order to award Challenge Certificates.

The Border Collie Breed Council maintains a combined Judges' List that subsumes the Judges' Lists of the majority of Border Collie Breed Clubs.

The East Anglian Border Collie Club's criteria for the various judging lists can be found at 'Judges' Lists - Criteria'

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